Monday, September 5, 2011

You know you like it

How many films have I seen where I don't wish to admit I like them. There are a few guilty pleasure films that I wish not to tell people I like, but alas today is the day you will all find out. It's those movies you watch but when someone walks in the room you immediately turn off out of embarrassment. It's movies you pretend you don't like and joke about with your friends, but in fact you actually really enjoy. it's that movie that is so bad yet so good that you continue to watch it and actually watch again. So here you go, these are my top three guilty pleasure films, listed in alphabetical order. Please don't make fun, you know you all have them too.

3 Ninjas
I have to say there is nothing better than this '90s film that stars absolutely no one important but is so bad and horribly acted that I love it. The plot is not that bad, well it's three kids who are trained in karate to take down this evil man who was taught by their grandfather. The kids are great, and by great I mean really entertaining. I personally love the nicknames they have (Rocky, Colt and of course Tum Tum). The basketball scene, the jelly bean scene, the bike riding scenes are probably my favorite. Also, I love when the idiots break into the house and pretty much fail at catching three kids. If you are at all confused on what I am talking about because you haven't seen this award winning film, please go rent it. Or read the ridiculous plot on Wikipedia. gave this a 17 percent.

I doubt any of you have seen this movie. I used to run on the Disney Channel a lot and the only real person that came out of this movie alive is Seth Green. It's about a California hunk who loves to surf and roller blade who moves with is aunt, uncle and cousin in Cincinnati. I don't know if it's the fact this movie is based out of Ohio or because it is about roller blading (something me and my brother were obsessed with when we were younger) that makes me love it. It's almost like a motion picture Brink! (if anyone knows what that is, cause I love that movie too). Basically this movie is just awful, from the acting, to the plot to the dialogue and yet I always think if I stay up late enough it'll be on sometime. It has a special place in my heart. gave this a 17 percent.

Spice World
I love this movie. Don't worry, I know this movie is awful. This movie is actually beyond awful. There is no real plot, the dialogue is rotten and I don't know if anyone in this film knows how to act. It always shocks me that the actor up for an Emmy, Mr. Alan Cumming, from The Good Wife, is in this film. That's right, he is the guy doing the documentary. For some reason though, whenever I see this movie on TV (usually on the movie channels) I have to stop and watch it. The music is great of course, well I guess only if you like the Spice Girls and I do laugh in this movie. Most of the laughter is because it's so bad but I believe there are two jokes that are meant to be laughed at that I did have a little chuckle. I guess for a bunch of singers, this movie is actually fantastic (I mean look at From Justin to Kelly) this isn't that bad. Maybe. gave this an actually surprising 29 percent.

I know some people may not agree with these ones, and they certainly are original. When looking online to see what most people said I was shocked. Some responses were Legally Blonde, Miss Congeniality and Ghost. All movies I actually really enjoy and are not ashamed of. I will say one movie that many people do love that have grown on me the past years are Titanic and The Notebook. Not saying I love them, but I guess I can see the appeal of both. Any who, those are mine. I'd be interested to see what yours are, go ahead and comment!

With that I give you some lovely side notes.
1. I guess The Help came out at a really good time. The film has again won the Box Office bringing in 19 million this weekend, it has been No. 1 for the past 21 days. There must really be nothing out (and it's kinda true). Now that it has been a box office hit, I'm really interested to see what it does during the awards season.
2. This trailer blew my mind. It is a black and white silent film called The Artist, that received race reviews at the Cannes Film Festival. You totally need to watch it because there is no doubt it will get recognized when the major awards season arrives. I didn't think I would actually be interested in a silent film.
3. It seems that Eddie Murphy is in the running to be the next Oscars host. I haven't quite decided if this excites or worries me. Personally, I would love to see Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as co-hosts but with both of their shows and Tina just having a baby, I cross my fingers for next year. As for Murphy, it is sure an intriguing thought.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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  1. The Artist looks a lot like a remake of A Star is Born. Which is funny because it has been made at least 3 times and the first time was a silent movie. Very Interesting...a good find for you!