Monday, May 28, 2012

Take a seat, it's been a while

Oh, hey there. Remember me? Sammie, Sammie Kiesel. The witty, sarcastic, brilliant person who talks everything from sports, to television, to movies. It seems I have gone missing for a few months but I think with the kickoff of summer happening this weekend it is time to reacquaint ourselves. 

First, let me give you all some fantastic updates about my life. The most important is I have bought two new posters for my new office as editor-in-chief of The Daily Illini. They are of Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark and Back to the Future; I went for the more classic look. The second important thing is I have started up my Entertainment Weekly project again. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this, it is one of my more brilliant ideas. Let me give you a little explanation I hear you all begging for. Well, I had all these magazines saved and was told to dispose them (thanks mom), but I felt like they were meant for something of more substance. So, I decided to rip off all the covers and anything inside them I was a fan of and paste them to construction paper to put on my wall at my apartment. Well that turned out so well (but seriously, it looks awesome) that I have decided to update it with the EW's of the past year. I know you all are now going to copy me of my brilliant idea.

Anyways, let us catch up with the biggest things that have happened since we last talked. Wait! Hold on. How have I gone this long without mentioning the end of my life. 30 Rock has been given its final (seventh) season. I am devastated. I didn't know what to do when I found out. I was close to tears. I know the rest of you are depressed like me, but I have good news! Tina is filming a new movie this summer! This fact gives me hope that she will stay busy after the show, because I need her to do about, let's say, like one movie per year, otherwise I don't know what I'll do. First Harry Potter is done, and now 30 Rock. Too many of my life obsessions cannot leave me. Anyways her movie is called Admission for those who were wondering (and being loyal fans of mine, it should be all of you). No release date yet, but I'm sure you'll know the moment I find out.

But yes, back to what I was saying. Let's recap the past couple months.


The Kentucky Wildcats won the men's basketball NCAA championship, both the Bulls and the Blackhawks were knocked out of the playoffs and the Cubs suck. That's about it in the sports world for me. One surprise so far is the success of the Cleveland Indians, the American League team I root for. They are currently in first place of the Central Division but only a half game ahead of the White Sox, but a long season to still be played. There isn't much hope for the Cubs anytime soon, I just think they need to clear house and start fresh. Get rid of Soriano, get rid of Castro and start from the bottom up. We'll see how that goes.

In other news, Bruce Weber was fired as the Illinois coach and is now the head coach of Kansas State. If you didn't see his classy ad, you must because there isn't much class from a coach who was fired. Remember, he got fired and didn't retire (yes, that rhymes). Two Illini football players were drafted in the first round, not something the fans or analysts expected. A horse has a chance to win the Triple Crown. Tiger Woods is sort of coming out of his funk in golf, but a playoff at the Masters (not involving him) made golf seem fun to watch again. Oh, and the Indy 500 was Sunday, but not much of a racing fan so I have no idea what happened, but thought I would let you know it happened.


Well, I haven't seen many but I saw the most important one so far of this summer: The Avengers. I have say it met every expectation I could of had for it. I think it was a great movie to start the summer, the only problem I have with it is it broke the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 record. I was very bummed about that but fortunately I can say that it was beaten by a pretty darn good movie. Here is a list of films that I am anxiously awaiting to come out: Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spider-Man, Brave, Ted, Dark Knight Rises (obviously), and several others but those are the ones coming out in the near future.


This is the one I have really wanted to talk about throughout this blog. Television has come to a close this season and man, have the season finales been fantastic! I think this has been one of the best years for my TV shows in terms of interesting story lines, acting and overall entertainment. I, of course, still have Game of Thrones and Mad Men to wrap up, which is great to entertain me the next two weeks. After those there is then True Blood and So You Think You Can Dance. But to be honest, I really hate the auditions. They are extremely boring and you really don't get to know anyone. I really enjoy the top-20 rounds and that's about it. So I have a couple more weeks until I really start enjoying it.

As far as the shows that have concluded, can we talk about so many mix of emotions. Let's just run down the line here. Good Wife: Kalinda's husband is coming and a chance for Peter and Alicia to get back together? So intriguing for next season! HIMYM: AH! Totally knew she would be the wife, but I am definitely ready to learn Ted's fate (are we sure there is absolutely no chance Victoria can be the wife, because it totally should be her!). Glee: I'm bored. The only thing that has me coming back is the music. Revenge: WHAT?! NUTS! One of the best finales I have seen in a very long time. Some people are saying this is the next Lost without being anything like Lost (in terms of the pop culture) and I'd have to agree, I think. 30 Rock: I so want Criss (yes, that's how the show spells his name) to be the one for Liz. And kind of bummed Elizabeth Banks is gone. Community: It had me out of it for a while but the last couple episodes have reeled me back in (I'm worried about the show's creator and EP getting fired though). Parks and Recreation: One of the best episodes of the season and I think the funniest show on TV (my vote for the Emmy). Fringe: Pretty predictable, I liked the episode before the finale a lot better. But cannot wait for its final, most likely, epic season!

And lastly the craziest finale, in my mind, Grey's Anatomy. Shonda Rhimes sure knows how to write a finale and this was one of the best. Well, I kind of hated some things that happened, but thought it was brilliant for the shows circumstance (not knowing if characters would come back). The balance of funny and realization of how ridiculous a plane crash is, was very refreshing. And certainly one of the biggest cliff hangers of the season (too bad we all know the main three are safe because of contracts).

I would say Revenge and Grey's had the two best finales as far as high drama, and huge cliff hangers. Although, I know Mad Men and Game of Thrones have a lot in store, which no doubt includes craziness. Actually, one of the new things in my life are those last two shows. I recently got really into both of them. Thanks to my brother for making me watch Thrones because it is so entertaining. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan, you need to get on this immediately. I'll be talking about these shows in the next couple weeks in more depth.

Well, since it looked like I wrote a novel, I'll call it a blog. Sorry if this was not very exciting, but had to catch you all up on everything. I'll be sure to be way more interesting in the coming weeks. We have all summer to sit down and talk the greatness of sports, movies and television. I just hope you all stay with me for the ride and I'll be sure to update regularly with my greatest insights.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.