Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bear down, Chicago Bears

So this will be a quick blog and to the point.

Chicago Bears are totally making the playoffs. They may not be going as division champs, but I will say right here, right now (barring any injuries) that they will be a wildcard in the playoffs this season.

You may be wondering why I think that and it has to do with what the media has said about this team and how they performed last Sunday in the season opener. Now, I'm not saying this season won't have its struggles but if they continue to have the defensive performance they had against the Falcons, this team can go far. The sports commentators haven't been too kind to this Bears team but I think that is almost for the best. The fact they are underdogs and expected to do poorly does great things for this team.

I truly believe they have the weapons necessary to go far, now will they beat the Packers, that is the big question. I think the Vikings and Lions will give them some trouble, but if they play to their potential (which isn't always the case) the Bears can get at least second place and have a quality record. As always, though, there are doubts. And this is a big statement to make saying they will go to the playoffs with just one game under their belt. I suppose I'm trying to take my sports teams in a more optimistic way this year. With Illini football and the Bears, I'm hoping with more hope and faith, they will actually produce results worth watching.

Although, looking at the track record of the teams I root for, I'm starting to run out ideas on how to root for them. Hopefully this theory for the Bears and Illini will give me new results. Otherwise, I may have to jump on some bandwagons come playoff season.

Some quick side notes for you all.
1. Woo! Congrats Djokovic! So glad to see him win another Grand Slam title at the U.S. Open. He totally deserved the win and is playing beautiful tennis. It should be interesting what happens at the next French Open, can he beat Nadal again? Tennis is great fun, you need to start watching.
2. Well baseball has kind of wrapped up its playoff teams, except in the AL West. It is a very interesting race and the only interesting race really left this season. Personally it'd be kind of fun to see the Angels come from behind and win the division.
3. Just want to note, it's sad to see the NFL without Petyon Manning. Although he is an annoyingly awesome, it is sad to see the game without him. He sure makes things interesting. Not to mention, he's a pretty nice guy too, going through a lot. Does make that division a little more competitive though. It feels so good to talk about football again.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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