Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Timy is a genius

Since it was a huge weekend for television and shows have finally returned to the small screen, I felt it necessary to use my veto power and discuss television this fine Tuesday (even though it was suppose to be Monday and movies, but exceptions for busy nights was warranted.) So, I would like to talk about my favorite moments of this Sunday's past Emmy nominations, the No. 1 one involving the brilliant Timy (more on that later).

So, let us begin with my favorite three moments of the 62nd annual Emmy Awards.

3. For a second straight year, I was obsessed with the opening of the awards (I think I liked Jimmy Fallon's last years a little better, but that might have been because Tina Fey was apart of it). So, for No. 3, Jane Lynch's opening while moving room to room in the supposed building that houses all the shows was hilarious. Although it didn't have my 30 Rock featured in it, Parks and Recreation and Grey's Anatomy were only two of the many shows joked about. The best segment was probably the Mad Men part, just because Jon Hamm is a brilliant comedic actor. Watch the whole beginning here.

2. Kyle Chandler winning for best actor in a drama. This was EPIC! In my previous blog I discussed how he should be the winner but Jon Hamm would probably win. Well the underdog prevailed! I screamed with joy the moment he won and was thrilled. This was by far my favorite winner of the night. Although, watching Kate Winslet run up and down the aisle hugging people was pretty awesome.

1. Timy is clearly the winner. Timy is the combination of Tina (Fey) and Amy (Poehler). These two, and the four other comedic nominees for best actress were hilarious (not to mention Tina looks real good after just having her second daughter a month ago). And when I say hilarious I mean brilliant, awesome, fantastic, highlight, why couldn't all of them have won? This is by far the best part of this years Emmys and should be talked about for a long time. The faces on the women and the reactions was awesome. Plus it was great to see how genuinely excited they all were when Melissa McCarthy won. Although I was sad it wasn't Amy or Laura Linney for that matter, it was great to see her reaction. If you see anything from the Emmys, just watch this clip.

Now to the exciting side notes that will discuss my three favorite season premieres so far.
1. How I Met Your Mother. This two-episode premiere was awesome! There are no other words to describe it except for Legen...DARY! I don't want to ruin it for people who may have yet to watch it but by far one of the best season premieres for Mother I have seen in a long time. For the first time in a long time I really want to watch the next episode of this show.
2. Glee was surprisingly good, I say this unexpectedly because I was worried about this season. I thought there was a good balance between musical numbers and plot lines. There were some new story lines that opened up to get us through a couple episodes. But to be honest, I'm just really looking forward to seeing Idna Menzel next week. Anything with her is a good episode.
3. I want to talk about one new show that I have watched this week and that is Up All Night. I heard some iffy things about it, as far as not being too funny. But I have to say I thought it was pretty good. Not the funniest pilot I have scene but I believe it was just to set the stage, kind of like 30 Rock. The pilot of 30 Rock is not the best episode by a long shot. So, I have some real hope for Up All Night, plus it is produced by Lorne Michaels.

With that I say... Live long and prosper. 

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