Friday, September 16, 2011

Best television weekend ever

Finally the Sunday I have been waiting for since the nominations were announced in July is finally upon us. It’s Emmy weekend my friends, and you all know how I thrive on awards shows. I’m not quite sure what it is about them that make me love them so much but I have to say it’s an exciting time indeed. This year is especially interesting with no Breaking Bad in the mix and I’m thrilled to give you my actual predictions and the winners if I was part of the Academy.

So without further ado, let’s just get to the point shall we.

Best Drama
Will win: This will most likely, once again go to Mad Men. A show that I have the utmost respect for, but has won enough already. There is no doubt the show is brilliant from all aspects but personally we need a new winner.
Should win: Which is why I wish and hope with all my heart that Friday Night Lights takes the Emmy for its final season. After watching this entire series this past summer, it’s a shame it hasn’t won yet. (I wouldn’t mind if The Good Wife won either.)

Best Actor, Drama
Will win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men. I think it is time for Mr. Hamm to win this year, especially a season dedicated to Don Draper. Plus, there is no real guaranteed win this season.
Should win: Except, Kyle Chandler of Friday Night Lights, who gave five wonderful seasons of work. He is exceptional as Coach Taylor and as thrilled as I am that he got a nomination, it would be oh so sweet for this show to get recognition from its main character.

Best Actress, Drama
Will win: Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife. She is easily the most talented actress on television right now as the leading lady of this brilliantly written show. Hands down the winner, especially after the season she had. Betrayed, loved, conflicted, Margulies shows off all her range in this season.
Should win: Margulies obviously. But if I had to pick someone else it’d be Connie Britton of FNL, again since she has yet to win and this was the last season. It’d be cool to see her pick up a win as well.

Best Comedy
Will win: Make it two years in a row for Modern Family. I have a feeling this sitcom will once again take the title because it is such a fan favorite. Nothing against this show, but it certainly the most consistent show on TV.
Should win: That would have to be Parks and Recreation, a show that has me laughing multiple times and beat out cancellation with a brilliant third season. It would be great for this show that has struggled with ratings and a time slot to grab a win. (I, of course, wouldn’t object if 30 Rock won either.)

Best Actor, Comedy
Will win: It’s a sympathy and also well-deserved win for Steve Carell in his last season with The Office. He should totally win considering he has never won for his role as the annoying, frustrating but funny Michael Scott.
Should win: Steve Carell, just cause he has created such an iconic character. Wouldn’t mind seeing Alec Baldwin take another award home though.

Best Actress, Comedy
Will win: Laura Linney, The Big C. Although this second season hasn’t been that great, Linney will get the award for her work on the first season, which she was brilliant. Linney carries this show on her back and even with not that great of writers, the physical presence of Linney is remarkable.
Should win: I’m a little biased considering I want Tina Fey to always win, but Amy Poehler is just as deserving as Linney. Poehler steals every scene she is in and makes people laugh when pretty much anything that comes out of her mouth. Her delivery is fantastic and her comedic timing is proof of her amazing work during Saturday Night Live.

I’ll stop here as to not bore you, or have proof of more categories I got wrong. Feel free to let me know of your predictions; I’d love to hear them. In the meantime, check out these love side notes.
1. You should all go on because they have some fantastic Emmy lists to get you in the mood for this awesome show. Personally I really enjoy this one, because it has a great list, especially numbers 48, 41, 38, 36, 30, 16, 10 and 4 (this one particularly, Lauren Graham should have been recognized.)
2. I watched my first new show this season in Ringer, the Sarah Michelle Geller drama on the CW. I was pleasantly surprised on how much I liked it. However, I will need to watch a few episodes to decide if it will become a regular. If you have time, I’d totally recommend checking it out online.
3. I’d like to update you all on my new found love in the show True Blood. I have completed the first three seasons, and will most likely finish the fourth and most recent by the time I write next week. If you have time, it’s horribly addicting to watch but awesome.

With that I say… Live long and prosper.

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