Monday, September 12, 2011

"You bow to no one"

Me and one of my best friends love to play games that make you think and really tell a lot about a person. For example, we like to ask questions like if you were stuck on an island, what three movies would you bring. Or if you could only listen to three musicians the rest of your life who would they be, things like that. But when she asked me recently of what movie scene would I want to live in, I couldn't think of a great answer. Of course, there are millions of brilliant movie scenes that would be great to live in. Isn't that what everybody wants, their life to be like a movie?

So when she asked me this question, it really got me thinking. Instead of answering it, I'm going to alter it and list the five best movie scenes of all-time (in my book at least). Take note, if you look at any other greatest movie scene list, most of these are probably not on there. These are from only movies I have seen and ones that have always stuck out in my mind. Most of them are pivotal parts of a movie, or they have brilliantly written lines, or they made me laugh or something just happened that made me really think. So here we go, my top five movie scenes of all time. (Note, this blog is long enough without any side notes, so none of those this week).

5. Final scene at Hogwarts, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2: This scene was down right perfect. I could not have hoped for more from the producers, director, actors and even more importantly the composer Alexandre Desplat. The music and actors faces make this scene. When they three are looking out to the distance and holding hands, I think it had everyone at least tearing up. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it on YouTube, so listen to the music here. And instead watch my other favorite scene of the series, but it's only up to when Hermione runs down the hall and hugs Harry. I especially love when Ron turns and then Harry appears behind him. The Hagrid part is just plain cheesy.

4. Opening scene of Saving Private Ryan: This scene is remarkable. The most intense 30 minutes I have ever seen in my life. I am clearly no World War Two veteran but I have to say, it is exactly how I imagined it when reading it out of history books. The immediate connection to the characters, the immediate drama that takes place can only be done by Steven Spielberg. This scene should have won this movie the Oscar, but at least it gave him a directors honor. Watch part of it here, but you need to watch the first 30 minutes to get the full effect.

3. Boo Radley revealed as the hero, To Kill a Mockingbird: If anyone knows me, I'm not a fan of black and white films. But there was no way I could leave this scene out of this list. The smirk Scout has when she realizes that Boo is not a creepy guy hanging around town, but in fact a hero, is a scene hard to forget. This girl has some acting chops, not the mention Boo has this story in his eyes. I thought it was one of the best acted scenes, and the music really makes the audience feel the emotion. Watch it here, but again, just see the whole movie sometime if you haven't.

2. Bride Collapses, Bridge on the River Kwai: Alec Guinness makes this scene so brilliant, I mean he did win an Oscar for his role as Col. Nicholson. I'm not sure if it was his reaction when he realized what was about to happen or the actual blowing up the bridge because for a movie made in the 1957, it was shot brilliantly. This is probably the first scene that comes to mind when I hear this movie. Which, I think is one of the most underrated movies of all time and one of my favorites. Please check it out, but you can watch the clip (which happens to be the end) here.

While making this list I came up with two No. 1's that I just could not choose from. They both come from my favorite two movies of all time. Obviously you guys know Lord of the Rings series is my favorite but Shawshank Redemption comes in at a close second. So, when I originally had just Lord of the Rings as No. 1, I had to include the Shawshank Redemption in the top as well.

1. The final scene of Shawshank Redemption: SPOILER, this is the final scene of this film and will ruin things for you, so if you plan to see it please don't read further (that goes for LOTR too). This scene is just awesome, the dialogue really makes it, but Morgan Freeman's soothing voice makes it 100 times better. Not much to say except brilliant film making. If you know what I'm talking about, watch the magic right here.

1. Minas Tirith scene of Lord of the Rings, Return of the King: This scene is made by Frodo's face and the music created by Howard Shore. There are no words that make this special (well I guess Aragorn's line is pretty freaking awesome) but it truly comes from the faces of the hobbits. Easily my favorite scene and should have been the real ending of this movie. Watch the whole Minas Tirith part here, but my favorite comes at 4 minutes. Can't go wrong with Elijah Wood's half smile and bright blue eyes.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.


  1. I love the final scene of Shawshank Redemption. I read a theory that it was all in Morgan Freeman's character's head, but I'd like to believe that they really found each other in the end after all those years in Shawshank prison. One of my favorite movies of all time.

    That goes for Saving Private Ryan too. You can tell I have a thing for mid-90s Spielberg flicks.

  2. I love this. First of all, cause I'm in it. Second of all, because I agree with the movies I've seen!! But you also have a lot of action ones in there. I think I would have more lovey dove ones hahah. Miss you!