Monday, August 22, 2011

That's what The Help is for

That’s right folks, I have returned from my hiatus. I would first like to apologize; last week was extremely hectic and did not have time to share my knowledge with you all. I know, you were extremely upset about it and were lost without me. But fear not, I have return. Since I never had a chance to talk about it, as I saw it in my last week of summer, it’s time to talk about The Help.

After I read this book at the beginning of this summer in pretty much two days, I was easily hooked. It had great characters, great story telling, three great voices and an overall very interesting story. The main reason I started reading the book was not because I heard the great reviews of it, or my mom kept telling me or I was bored. It was because I knew it was being made into a movie coming out at the end of the summer. Not only was it starring my girl crush Emma Stone, but also Viola Davis (the woman who was up for an Oscar for being in one scene in the movie Doubt) and Octavia Spencer (which may not seem exciting but she was the inspiration of the character she actually played). 

So after reading The Help I probably got roughly estimating around 130 percent more excited for the film. It even increased when I found out the director was a childhood friend of Kathryn Stockett (author of the book) and bought the rights to the book before it became a New York Times Best Seller. All of these occurrences made me pumped for the opening of the film, but also extremely nervous. I had very high expectations, the story is very sensitive and Emma Stone had yet to do an actual serious role even though Skeeter gives some comic relief in the book. So I went into the movie theater worried the film would actually just be average.

Luckily for me, the awesome people I saw the movie with, the rest of the world and the Oscars, the movie was fantastic. It lived up to mostly every expectation. Viola Davis was remarkable and will surely be in the run for an Oscar (maybe even Octavia Spencer but I doubt it). I would say she most likely stole every single scene she was in. That woman does great things with her eyes. Emma Stone hit out of the park making her 3-3 this summer in successful films. Essentially what I’m getting at is go see this before school gets busy and it leaves theaters. I was pleasantly surprised when it won the Box Office this weekend after it came out Aug. 10 and didn’t win that weekend. Clearly this is a word of mouth movie and from my mouth to your ear, I’m saying go see it. Actually if you can, read it and then go see it. I would even be so bold to say it is one of the best novel to film adaptations I’ve seen. For a book that was so popular there was a lot of pressure to make sure it turned out good. And for a pretty much unknown director I think people will be very pleased with this film. Not to mention Emma Stone is in it. That should just be reason enough for most people.

So since all of you have seen Harry Potter a couple times in theaters, checked out Crazy Stupid Love, seen enough super hero movies to last a lifetime, please go see The Help. Plus it's one you can see with your mom! That's a win right there. The only falter in it was casting Allison Janney (Skeeter's mom). Even though she is a phenomenal actress and very funny, she was just not right for the part, not to mention a few changes to her character. Other than that I honestly can't really complain much more about it. It's certainly not like the fifth Harry Potter or any of the Twilight's (which are not very good adaptations). It was a truly enjoyable film that I'm sure I'm bound to see again.

I have been a little lazy giving you some awesome movies to look out for this coming fall so I would like to share three very exciting ones in my much needed movie side notes.
1. The first trailer is one I have been looking forward to its debut for a while now. It's called Carnage with Academy-Award Winners Kate Winslet, Christoph Waltz and Jodie Foster and Academy-Award Nominee John C. Reilly. The trailer looks really funny and it is based of a Tony Winning play. This is certainly an Oscar contender.
2. The second film is called 50/50 with Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It looks funny, sad and an interesting take on cancer. The trailer looks like the film will be a good balance of drama and comedy. Not to mention both actors are hilarious, and Anna Kendrick is in it.
3. The last one, is probably a film I won't watch but I have been meaning to talk about, even though it doesn't come out until next year. It took me two tries to finally get through The Woman in Black trailer starring Daniel Radcliffe. It looks messed up, heart attack worthy and just really scary. I want to see it because of Dan, but feel like that might not happen. I much prefer the drama, rich storyline films like The Help than the scary, give you nightmare movies. Oh well, he had to get out his Harry Potterness somehow.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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