Monday, August 29, 2011

A small sneak peek

To understand this blog you must watch this one minute video. You will not regret it.

So, if you couldn't tell this blog will be dedicated to the Hunger Games. Naturally it means me discussing the book but I would first like to talk to all of you who have not read these books. I hope this clip, as little as it showed, got you interested in reading the books because it is certainly worth pursuing. I do want to clear some things up for everyone, it is not just about hunting or in the woods. Essentially it is a story about survival, but the characters and the game being played is extremely interesting. I'll give you the ten second summary: In a depressed world, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) is one of 24 forced to enter the annual Hunger Games - a contest that is fought till the death of children from the ages of 12 and 18. Clearly this sounds depressing but I assure you it is a great freaking story with mischievous characters and a fun plot to figure out.

Moving on to the trailer clip thing, I'd like to say that as sad as I was not to get more footage (or a glimpse at Peeta or Gale) it was still awesome. I said from the beginning I loved Jennifer Lawrence cast as the fearless Katniss ever since she was nominated for an Oscar this past year. This trailer, even though she doesn't talk or anything, only proved to me that Jennifer looks awesome. Also, after seeing the photos of Peeta and Gale I have good faith that both actors know what they're doing. Plus hearing Gale's voice over in the trailer gave me baby chills (baby chills are not actual chills but if it was a little longer real chills could be there).

Personally I think the trailer was meant, really, for the loyal fans. But I am going to make it for those who have yet to read the books. I realize that school has now started and it is difficult to read for recreation but realize this film does not come out until March 23. That gives everyone (including me to reread them) a chance to read this fantastic book. The main thing this clip did was get me way too freaking excited. There is no doubt in my mind right now that I am more excited for the Hunger Games than the first part of Breaking Dawn. I just want Hunger Games now. I don't think there has been a short clip that has got me so excited before (wait, sorry, I'm sure Harry has done it for me).

I am telling all of you right this second to read this book. It's no Harry Potter, but it certainly fills a part Harry left. It's a different, creative, fantastic, character-driven and overall an awesome book. If you have any need for it, I have all three on my Kindle. Any further questions, call me, text me, email me, send me a carrier pigeon. I want all my friends to read these books because they are extremely worth the time.

With my begging and pleading, which is just darn right embarrassing (actually it's typical Sammie), I'll give you some movie side notes.
1. Clearly people have been reading my blog because The Help was No. 1 again in the box office. I know you all went out and saw it after reading my last weeks blog. We are now getting in that time of year where movies stink, which might be why I saw Harry Potter again on Saturday (the fourth times a charm).
2. So, I actually heard of this movie a while ago (if you look on IMDB it says it was released in 2008 because it was at the Berlin Film Festival) but it is finally coming to theaters in the U.S. this fall and looks super interesting (even though it hasn't been picked up by many theaters). It's called Fireflies in the Garden and features Julia Roberts and Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin from Spider-Man) as Ryan Reynolds parents. Check out the trailer yourself and see if it's worth seeing. Personally anything with Reynolds should be seen.
3. So, it seems like it's happening. The Dirty Dancing remake has hired a writer (and already hired Kenny Ortega as director), this is so upsetting. I didn't even like the first one that much but it is not a movie you mess with. Although, if Melanie from So You Think You Can Dance is in it, I might just have to see it.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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