Wednesday, August 10, 2011

No fields filled with dreams

"Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a penis with a little hat on." - Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

In my last blog I had mentioned writing about sports films but then was more inspired to write about something else. But I thought considering today was about sports I would rank my all-time top three sports films. These three films represent great emotion and barriers but demonstrate believable sports sequences. For example a movie like Rookie of the Year is an exceptionally horrible film to represent the sport of baseball (not to mention just an overall bad movie too). I personally feel like sports movies are a hit or miss for me, meaning they either suck or they are amazing. So let's just get to the list of my favorites (please don't yell at me for not having Field of Dreams in this list).

The number one film will hands down be A League of Their Own. The story of this film is of course sensitive to woman but the characters between Madonna to Rosie to Geena Davis; this film is fantastic. It is both hilarious, dramatic and has quality women baseball. That's right baseball not softball. Not to mention you can't really go wrong with a film that Tom Hanks is in, let's be honest. The dynamic in this movie just works, from the actual winning games, to keeping the league around to just pure drama with men. I like to believe it is a sports movie that both sexes can enjoy because it has this baseball aspect but also these rich characters that really keep the film moving. Not to mention the final game always has me asking, did she do it on purpose? (this was the only way I could think of asking the question without giving the ending away). Please watch this film whether you like sports or not because it is completely worth it.

Number two is the cliche Remember the Titans which may seem a little silly but it is easily the best football movie ever made. Some of you may be thinking "Oh wait, what about Friday Night Lights or Jerry Maguire or We Are Marshall?" But no. Sorry folks, FNL (the movie not the show) is awful; I fell asleep. I literally hated this movie, I didn't like the vibe, the acting or there portrayal of football. Jerry Maguire is not a sports movie. I would never consider it a sports movie. There is only one play of football seen in the whole film, and although it's epic, it is still not a sports movie. We Are Marshall is depressing and as I've said in earlier blogs I don't like Matthew McConaughey which is the main reason I don't like it. Plus the story isn't the greatest. Hence why Remember the Titans has my vote. Denzel brings magic to the character and drama but it's just one of those feel good movies.

The last film, which I already know will be controversial and may be one you have not heard of. The film is called the Legend of Bagger Vance. It stars Matt Damon, Will Smith and Charlize Theron and directed by Robert Redford. Already with those fine film contributors it is a great movie. Although this film did not get the greatest reviews, well actually it kind of got panned. I thought it was fantastic. It had the essence of what golf is and and characters I loved and hated at the same time. This film came and went pretty quickly not to mention is was released 11 years ago but I would totally rent it if you're looking for an enjoyable film. Will Smith does a great job as a guru (kind of like how he was in Hitch) and anything with Matt Damon is a win of course. It is truly a wonderful film that is very real to its core and fun in its plot.

With that I will give you some concentrated sports notes.
1. Oh the Cubs. They always do this to me. When you think it is the most painful team in the world they go and have a seven game winning streak. They always figure out how to win later in the season when it's too late. There is always next year.
2. Has anyone noticed that golf is just always about Tiger Woods? Like even when he's not there it's like a sin for him not to be mentioned at least once. And I have to say its not necessarily a bad thing, he is the poster boy for golf but it would be nice to have somebody new step up. My favorite is Steve Stricker (although I'm biased as he is a Illinois grad).
3. I can't think of baseball at a better time when it's in extra innings. The Indians recently won in 14 innings and it was an exciting game. I of course had to watch on the gametracker on ESPN but it was nonetheless an intense game. Please if you're a Cubs fan cheer on the Indians. I have lots of faith they're going all the way!

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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