Friday, August 12, 2011

My summer is complete

And America's favorite dancer is...

What started as just something to watch to pass the time with a friend turned into a summer obsession. So You Think You Can Dance is one of the best reality shows ever on television, beating out Amazing Race and American Idol in my mind. All the contestants that were in the top 20 could have made it to the finale because they all are exceptional, knowledgeable dancers. But of course two dancers went home each week narrowing it down to easily the most consistent, most diverse and most likable dancer in the competition: Melanie was named America's favorite dancer. She (and Marko) were the only dancers to never be in the bottom three couples. And through out the entire summer I have talked about how amazing she is and how she was easily going to be the winner. I was the most nervous I have ever been watching a television show. I wanted her to win so badly. I suppose that is a testament to the actual dancer but also to the show and the quality of it. I have to give a huge shout out to J-Co for getting me invested in the show because it has kept my summer moving.

Despite the lack of awesome routines in the finale, most likely because the top-4 dancers were exhausted, the results show was extremely entertaining. There was only one routine (the Mr. Jailer one) that I was like, why did they pick this one? If you're bored and have never watched this show, it would be worth looking up this episode on hulu because it is just packed with all of the seasons best dances. Plus the judges picked my two favorite dances of the season: the Melanie/Marko Turn to Stone and the Melanie/Marko hip hop routine. Not to mention a bunch of others that I really enjoyed. I'll be keeping that DVR recording for a long time. Please check this episode out because it will make you want to watch season 9 next summer (which I totally plan on doing as well).

I have to toot my own horn a little in this blog as well because I totally called when each person was narrowed down to the last two. I also knew what the last dance was going to be when Sasha came out in that costume. I can prove it with my text messages, so I just wanted you all to know I'm extremely intelligent and can predict the future. Be jealous. But I will say I did not predict Melanie winning, even though I wished, hoped, knew it should be her, you never know; America can be really stupid. For example, why would you pick Reuben over Clay? At least they voted for Carrie Underwood, my favorite American Idol. Alas though, they chose the appropriate winner for season 8 of sytycd. And gosh I cannot get over how great Melanie is, she just catches my eye and I don't want to look away. The solo that she did last week was probably the first time I didn't want it to end. I wanted her to keep dancing. I feel like that is very rare to find, especially in a reality show (which I normally hate; Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Survivor, Bachelor, and way too many more are just stupid shows). To see how awesome she is as a person to, please read this interview after she won.

So, I will now declare So You Think You Can Dance the greatest reality show ever. And I will actually be upset if the Amazing Race wins the Emmy for best reality show now that Dance is nominated. Also I believe Cat Deely is the most entertaining, and most relaxed host I have ever seen (Ryan is just annoying). Not to mention I love her British accent. You can bet I'll be rooting for all of their nominations at this years Emmy's (airing Sept. 18 on Fox).

With that I give you some TV side notes after my only summer show is sadly over.
1. I have a very good feeling about Dexter this season. All the interviews I've read, all the trailers I've seen and this recently released poster looks awesome. I feel like and what the producers have been saying, is it will be very similar to the first season. Although, I am still not over you know who (it's the greatest twist and don't want to ruin it for those who have not watched season 4 yet).
2. Despite how worried I am about the new season of Glee with all this drama going on off the set and talk about adding all these new characters. I have to say I'm excited about the addition of Mercedes new boyfriend Friday Night Light's Tinker (who I wanted more of in FNL). So I'm pumped to see this storyline and to see Mercedes do more along with the two Asians. Hmm, maybe it will be a good season or at least better than the second.
3. More Grey's gossip there may be a new chief resident this season... again. It was first Richard and then Derek and then back to Richard. Now there may be another new one. In honor of not ruining it for people who want to find out (which will be revealed in the first episode of their eighth season), I will not say who it is. If you'd like to know please visit this link; an interesting new plot I must say.

With that I say (congrats Melanie!) and... Live long and prosper.

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