Friday, August 5, 2011

If only I didn't have to sleep

This year is going to be hectic. Not only do I have eight shows I already watch and returning to this season's television schedule, the major networks (ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and FOX) have a combined more than 30 new shows this year. And of course, there are about 15 I want to watch on a regular basis. Oh and I guess I have school, the paper, and some kind of social life (maybe). So, I thought for the remainder of this summer season (since there are no good shows except for So You Think You Can Dance but that ends next week) I would let you know the new shows I'm excited about and then in a few weeks I will talk about all the shows I already watch religiously.

I would first like to say and endorse because they have a great section on their website dedicated to all the new fall television shows, they should really hire me for all this publicity I'm giving them. Anyways, I suppose it would be easiest to tell you all the ones I'm excited about on each channel. Let's start alphabetically then.

So with all of ABC's stupid reality shows they've had in the past, they have ordered the most new shows out of all the networks and it seems the best (at least the ones that I'm interested in). Let us begin with the few I actually think I may watch weekly. The one I'm most excited for is Once Upon a Time. It is a fairy tale in the real world but like really cool. It seems like the new Lost, hence why I want to watch it (if you don't know Lost is my favorite show of all time). It seems like a relatively good cast, with an interesting and different plot. Certainly one I can see myself watching week after week. I also have hope for Pan Am, which is pretty much ABC's Mad Men (just like the Playboy Club is NBC's Mad Men) in that it is a period piece. Christina Ricci is at the helm of this show and I think it holds a lot of potential. Others that I plan to check out, mainly for their pilot are Charlie's Angels and Good Christian Belles (mainly because this show brings Kristen Chenoweth back to television). I'm interested to see their new comedy Suburgatory as well, which is about a girl from the city entering suburban life. The trailer is pretty funny.

I really don't like the majority of CBS's shows, but apparently they are the No. 1 network. I mean How I Met Your Mother and The Good Wife are great but all those NCIS's and CSI's are just annoying. There aren't too many of their shows that I look forward to but I am interested to see Person of Interest (starring Michael Emerson or better known as Ben from Lost). JJ Abrams is an executive producer, which always means to check it out because he's a genius. And I may check out A Gifted Man only because it has Julie Benz (who plays Rita in Dexter) which would be my only reason because I love her.

I have only ever watched two shows on the CW or WB whatever you want to call it: Charmed and Gilmore Girls. I have never been a big fan of their shows because they are very soap opera-y and kind of annoying (One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl). But Ringer which welcomes back Sarah Michelle Gellar back to TV seems like it has an interesting plot. I don't think I have enough time or space to tell you about it but it's extremely different. So instead, just watch the trailer here. CW doesn't have that many shows but this certainly looks like something worth looking into.

I am a huge fan of NBC (mainly for their comedy shows, I mean Tina Fey is NBC) and they are introducing a few new ones, but Up All Night is one I am really looking forward to. It stars Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. First you can't get a better cast than that and second it has a great premise of the life of being new parents. Crossing my fingers it sticks around. There is Smash, a show I mentioned in an earlier blog. It is the first to give Glee some competition, being a musical show starring Debra Messing and American Idol's Katharine McPhee. I feel like those two are ones I could watch on a regular basis. I am interested in checking out the Playboy Club, only to see how well they do with the time period and acting. There is also Grimm, which is similar to Once Upon a Time taking the fairy tale baseline but a little different (although this is on Friday nights so I doubt it will last). Jason Isaac better known as Lucius Malfoy has a new show as well called Awake which is extremely intriguing but looks very depressing; so I'm not to sure on that one.

To round out all the networks, Fox actually offers two shows I am considering getting into and one I just want to check out since it has Steven Spielberg branded on it (he's an EP). First is one I'm sure some of you have heard about since the ads never end and that is The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. It looks like a smart, funny comedy with a pretty good and successful actress at the helm (plus it's only 30 minutes and airs after Glee). Another JJ Abrams project is Alcatraz which looks awesome but doesn't come out until midseason but looks like another Fringe/Lost project. And lastly, which is getting a lot of talk, is Terra Nova. I may just want to watch the premiere of this show because honestly dinosaurs don't interest me that much.

Seems like a long list I know, and I even left some shows I kind of wanna watch out (like some on Showtime and HBO). The only wish I have right now is to have more time and that would only happen if I didn't have to sleep. Then I could watch all these shows along with the existing eight I already watch (I will discuss those shows in later blogs after next weeks So You Think You Can Dance finale blog). As you can see, I live a rough life.

With that I give you a few awesome television side notes.
1. Only one week left my friends until Melanie can be crowned America's favorite dancer, at least I hope so. There is no doubt in my mind that this girl is the best dancer on that show. She is so fantastic that I am always drawn to watch her instead of her partner. Not to mention her solo this past week that was unreal (if you watch anything this season please watch this video). I guess I wouldn't mind if Marko won, but really, for the season that she's had Melanie deserves it.
2. Although I don't watch, but I did, Desperate Housewives is entering its last season this year. It was announced today that the eighth season will be the last for this extremely popular show when it premiered. I have to say I think its time, as it is time for Grey's Anatomy to end this season.
3. Again I bring up, who had an exclusive interview with HIMYM's executive producers Craig Thomas and Carter Bays, and revealed some awesome stuff. The main thing being they will tell the audience who Barney will marry this season! Which means the season premiere set for Sept. 19 can get on its horse and get here already!

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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