Friday, November 18, 2011

Who new Revenge could be so sweet

Oh where to begin. I have waited anxiously for Friday all week, not just because I’ll be going home for thanksgiving break tomorrow but I finally get to talk about the new exciting shows I am watching this season. But before I get into the new shows I watch, I would like to first just give you a little update on how I think the seasons for my regular shows are doing.

First let us recap all of the shows I watch: How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, Grey’s Anatomy, Parks and Recreation, Community, The Good Wife, Dexter, oh and Glee (almost forgot that one). And of course 30 Rock but that isn't on right now because Tina had to go and have a baby. Anyways, so far pretty much every show has had a better season than the last. HIMYM is probably on track to have one of its best seasons if they would just find someone for Ted to date. Fringe is amazing yet frustrating. Love Grey’s despite what happened in the last episode, but still kind of hoping this is their last season. Parks is better than ever, and really loving Leslie running for office but also what happened in last night's episode (if you haven't watched it, go now!). The Good Wife is amazing and dramatic and just super entertaining with a great new angle and Dexter has finally kicked into gear as a very interesting and different season.

For the two shows that I didn’t mention are because they have been a little disappointing. Community for one is not having the best start. There has probably had two good episodes this season that I have really enjoyed and that had smart, witty writing like it usually does. I am sad about it not coming back after the winter break but maybe it will be good for the show and their writing team. As far as Glee goes, I’m getting very over it, very quickly. The same stupid storylines, the annoying Sue banter, the continual debate about being gay and Rachel being perfect. It’s getting very repetitive. The only thing that has me coming back: the music (especially after this weeks mash-up of Adele, that was pretty awesome even if they were singing Adele, which is hard to live up to).

But now on to the new exciting things I want to talk about. So, as of right now I am watching five new shows. There is one in particular that gets me very excited for Wednesday nights, like I was very upset it wasn’t new last week and that of course, is Revenge. Now you may be judging me right now if you’ve seen the commercials and not the actual show. It is a bit of a soap opera but it is also it is a creative, twisty show, with interesting characters and suspenseful episodes. I would totally recommend this if you haven’t checked it out yet.

As for the other shows I watch, that is Pan Am, Once Upon a Time, New Girl and Homeland and I am loving Once and Homeland. Once is a little cheesy and still has a long way to go to gain my respect but the first three episodes have been very fun and different. Homeland (which is on Showtime if you’re confused and never heard it. That’s probably why), is incredibly creative and really interesting; there’s no real show like it on television right now. As far as Pan Am and New Girl go, I’m not totally hooked yet. Pan Am is slowly losing my interest but I seem to keep coming back for Chrisina Ricci. New Girl is entertaining but not the greatest written or acted show. It has gotten better the last two episodes though.

Other shows I have checked out and hope to catch up with over breaks when I don’t have an insane amount of homework are Ringer and Up All Night. I did, I have to say, watched the first episode of Charlie’s Angels and all I have to say about that is thank god it got cancelled. But if you do want a new show this season and haven’t quite found it yet, I would totally tell you to watch Revenge. It is only eight episodes in and you can easily catch up because you will literally watch them one right after the other, they are that addicting. I would name it rookie of the year if there was such an award in television.

With that I have some side notes for you.
1. WOO! Congrats to Dexter for getting renewed for another two seasons. Showtime announced today that the show will continue this serial killers story for another two years. Aww yeah!
2. So who is counting down the days to Jan. 12? I know I am. 30 Rock is returning to my life! I have of course been watching the reruns that air on Comedy Central like everyday to get my fix of Tina, but really excited for the new episodes arrive. 
3. And some exciting news for you Ugly Betty fans. Becki Newton, who played Amanda on the show that was canceled too early, is coming back to TV on .... HIMYM! She is going to be Barney's new love interest and I must say I am uber excited about this one! Her first episode is expected to air in January and will be a recurring character through this season.

And with that I say... Live long and prosper.

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