Monday, November 28, 2011

Pleasantly surprised

All right friends, this blog has finally happened and I know you were waiting all week for it. I finally saw Breaking Dawn. Now, let me give you a little of my Twilight history before I go into detail about this little franchise. So, I read the first three books the same summer the fourth one came out. Now I, like everyone else, was obsessed. I read them very quickly and thought they were so good. Then I saw the first movie and saw the error of my ways. There is no doubt that these books and movies are guilty pleasures. I can’t lie that when I do read the books that they make me happy in some parts. Most of the time, however, I’m irritated about how much Stephanie Meyer repeats herself. We get it, Edward is handsome, Bella is clumsy. Essentially what I’m getting at, is me and Twilight have a weird relationship. I went to the midnight showing of the first two movies and realized it wasn’t really worth my time anymore. But there is no denying I would see this movie. So without further ado, he’s my thoughts.

I was pleasantly surprised. Now this is Twilight we are talking about so there are of course bound to be some really cheesy scenes, bad acted scenes, poor effect scenes and just overall horrible dialogue. And this movie is no exception. But for some reason I still kind of liked it. I did go in with very, very low expectations, which I’m thinking I should do with every movie from now on. I thought it was going to be the worst one yet, but I don’t think anything can beat the original. Anywho, for a book that shouldn’t be two movies, this first part certainly dragged a little. There were a lot of lingering shots of Bella’s face and you’re suppose to understand what she’s thinking by her expression. If I didn’t read the book, I’m not sure if I’d get it, but who is really seeing these movies that haven’t read the books?

Things that I was happy about: Bella’s wedding dress (and post wedding dress) was pretty (despite their kiss lasting like a minute long), the wedding speeches were hilarious and unexpected, the honeymoon location is to die for – I want to go to there, Bella having her human minutes, the CIG – for the most part – was well done, her eyes were awesome at the end. Things that I wasn’t so happy about: The random part where Edward talks about the humans he’s killed – it just seemed out of place, the long lingering walk and painful expression on Bella’s face walking down the aisle, the random dancing scene in Rio, anything with the wolves seemed forced, that damn wolf scene where they all talk like they’re Batman, the CIG on Reneesme’s face.

So, as you can see, I had mixed feelings about the movie but most of them were postitive. There is no doubt that my favorite scene was the wedding speeches, mainly because Anna Kendrick (Jessica) is my hero and needed more lines in this movie. Billy Burke (Charlie) is also my hero and steals any scene he is in. What I also really like about this book in general is there is more of the family in it so it was not just all about Bella and Edward swooning over each other. Although, there was plenty of them fondling over their love during the honeymoon.

Essentially the problem with this movie is nothing happened. I mean obviously there were things that happened, but I felt like the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows set up everything but it was also its own separate story. I feel like with this movie it clearly set up things for the next one but it was just … blah. Like it could have been condensed to an hour instead of two. Basically, there was no plot. That of course, didn’t mean it wasn’t entertaining. I for one, am definitely looking more forward to the next film where we get some interesting things, like the vampire history and just watching Bella experience her new life.

With that I give you some side notes.
1. No surprise there that Breaking Dawn was the winner at the box office again this weekend. Although, it did have some films that got awesome reviews this weekend. There are still so many things on my list and I waste time seeing Breaking Dawn. I suppose I can now say, after seeing it, it was worth it.
 2. This is a very interesting article about Harry Potter being up for the Oscars and thought I would share it with you all. Thanks to mother who emailed me this. I thought it made good points and only has me more anxious for Oscar season. Check it out and let me know what you think.
 3. So I know these trailers came out a while ago but I haven’t found time to talk about them yet. But the Snow White movies that I talked about a while ago released their trailers and they couldn’t be more different. First you’ve got the badass, dark Snow White and the Huntsman. Then you have the humorous, Julia Roberts being awesome Mirror, Mirror that just looks down right entertaining (and a totally different role for Roberts). I can pretty much say I’ll be seeing both of these movies.

With that I say… Live long and prosper.

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