Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cutler's catch-22

Oh Jay Cutler, how you love to rip the hearts out of Bears fans. Last season you get sacked in an insane amount of times and can't throw the football and yet somehow we end up winning the division. Of course that dream was shattered when the now-unstoppable Green Bay Packers are on a tear still undefeated this season. But we fans came into this 2011 with some high expectations. Those expectations were kind of shot down when the New Orleans Saints completely embarrassed you on national television. But then all of the sudden something happened. Ever since that awful Detroit Lion game where the Bears lost 24-13, Cutler was still the top passer.

Then they went on a completely different path defeating the Eagles and the Lions. He is playing great, finally. Understanding the system and comprehending Mike Martz's offense. Things have finally get together, for the first time in a like forever, the Bears offense is scoring the points instead of the Bears defense. And then it all just falls away (most likely) now that Cutler broke his thumb in Sunday's game against the Chargers. So now we must put the rest of the remainder six games in the hands of Caleb Hanie (unless the Bears hire a veteran free agent but that seems unlikely unless Hanie screws up real bad against the Raiders this Sunday).

So here are my thoughts on Cutler's injury. It just plain sucks. There is no other way to describe it (well I could swear but that would seem unprofessional in my blog). How I look at it, it is similar to a catch-22 in a way. Let me explain: Cutler threw an interception (that wasn't his fault as the receiver fell down). Instead of just watching the Chargers run the ball back for a touchdown, Cutler chased him down and forced him outside (which caused the broken thumb). Now, my bet is, if he didn't run down the field to chase after the interceptor, he would have been criticized. Probably not a lot, but there certainly would have been some anger as fans (because Bears fans are never satisfied). Here's the thing though, he shouldn't have tried to stop that guy. And now that he has, he can no longer play in the regular season.

Isn't that just the luck of the Bears. He does something right and now is being punished. Life's rough I tell you. Now, I'm not even sure if the Bears will make the playoffs. If you remember earlier in the year I said I was confident the Bears would make it as a wildcard team, and so far that prediction seemed plausible. Now, I'm not as confident. We'll see how Hanie performs, the good thing, I suppose is that he has this whole week to prepare. The defense will definitely have to step up big and Forte will need a way better performance than he had last game. Overall, I'm crossing my fingers at this point the Bears can make it to the playoffs so Cutler has a chance to finish out this season.

With that some lovely side notes.
1. So what's my most anticipated Turkey football game tomorrow? I'm gonna have to say that's a pretty easy one as the Packers and the Lions face off. I mean, usually, the Lions play someone on Thanksgiving and it's a complete blow out because they've sucked for so long. But here's hope that they beat the Packers for the first time this season.
2. The Illinois football team is hopeless. Let's see Ron Zook outta here please and thank you. That's all I've got to say on that, my words aren't even worth it.
3. On Tuesday, Ryan Braun was named the National League MVP and I'm just gonna say, yeah that's not a bad choice. I mean he did help the Brewers win the NL Central for the first time in 30 years, which is pretty impressive considering the Cubs are you know busy winning all those titles (or not). But congrats to him and of course congrats to Justin Verlander for earning the American League MVP.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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