Monday, November 21, 2011

Let the Games begin

So I know I mentioned in my last week's blog that the new Hunger Games trailer was released but for some reason I found myself watching it over, and over, and over again. At this point I don't even know how many times I've seen it. But considering I watched it an estimated a hundred times, I felt inclined to talk about it further than just saying the trailer was released. Considering this is my next Harry Potter, since I'm totally over Twilight (yes, that's correct I haven't even seen the new movie yet), I should go into depth about how I feel about this film.

Warning: Do not read any further if you haven't finished the first book, it will ruin things and then you'll yell at me for ruining things. I will try not to talk about what happens too much. So here goes, my first impression of the trailer: awesome. By far one of the best trailers I have seen in a long time. Harry Potter never made a trailer like this, building an incredible amount of suspense and actually had my heart beating at the end of the trailer, nervous for what was about to happen. Although it had nothing about what actually what happens when the games start (except for when Katniss puts her hands up in honor of Rue) it built a great amount of anticipation for the movie. This is only the first trailer so I'm not surprised that they didn't give too much of the games away. I'm guessing further down the road they might.

Now, after my first impression, I took the time to go through the trailer slowly and see the actual scenes in slow motion. And what I got from that is the sets, costumes and appearances of the characters are extreme. I wasn't sure how I felt about Cesar's blue hair and I was a little disappointed by Katniss's dress for interviews, but I'm hoping it looks better on the big screen. I also liked the clothes they wear in the arena, I could tell each district had different colors and even though that's not how it is in the book, it will be good for the viewers eyes. They made the Capital look very futuristic and the people in it are going to be very eccentric looking. The set for the arena looks very promising from the little I saw from it.

As for the people that are in the uniforms, I'm extremely pleased with Jennifer Lawrence's look for Katniss. She lost a lot of weight for the role and her brown hair looks very good (I personally think she looks better with brown than her natural blonde hair). The 21-year-old looks a lot younger with her lost weight and I think she could pull off 16. Fun fact she is almost exactly one year older than me as her birthday is one year and one day before me. Anyways, I'm super pumped for her and very excited about Peeta. That was probably one thing that was missing from the trailer: not enough Peeta. If I didn't know anything about the books I would think Gale is a bigger character than Peeta, but we all know he isn't (at least not in this one). But his look and sound is perfect, but I'm anxious to see how he does in actual scenes.

Overall, this trailer could not have gotten me more excited. Typically after Harry Potter trailers I'm speculating whether this will be in it or this part will and how the new characters will do. For this Hunger Games trailer my speculations were completely erased and I am probably 100 times more excited. I am only reassured this movie will live up to my expectations, but you know when it gets closer (it comes out March 23) I will most likely be freaking out way more and second guessing my initial thoughts. Let's just hope the trailer only touched the surface of how awesome this movie is going to be.

With that, I give you some movie side notes.
1. Like I said earlier, I haven't seen Breaking Dawn Part 1 yet but it is no surprise to me that it led the box office with $139 million. Thank gosh it didn't beat Harry Potter, otherwise I would have been devastated (even though I know Harry Potter has better fans) but we won't talk about that.
2. Christopher Nolan announced the other day that The Dark Knight Rises will start eight years after the Dark Knight ended. I'm not sure how I feel about this but it certainly wasn't something I was expecting. I think I need another trailer until I make up my mind if I like that or not. But interesting nonetheless.
3. I'm super excited for this week because there are some incredible movies coming out that I'm super psyched for. Some of those include The Muppets, Hugo, Arthur Christmas, The Artist and My Week With Marilyn. My Week is of course the first live action movie (she did the voice for the Tales of Despereaux and a TV movie) that Emma Watson will be in. Even though it is a small role, I can't lie that I really just want to see this because she's in it.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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