Wednesday, July 27, 2011

To replay or to not replay

There is no quote needed for this horrible, awful, monstrosity of a call. All you have to do is watch this clip before reading this blog so you can understand what I'm talking about. 

So, the Braves win the game off of a walk-off single and because a call by the umpire of "safe," means the Pirates lose. Personally I have been very against instant replay in Major League Baseball. It is a classic sport, America's pastime, a game that should not be tampered with. I always thought umpires generally made good calls and if they didn't have the greatest calls they were at lease consistent. The problem I have with instant replay is there has to be some limitations with it and most sports do have them. Like in tennis, each player has three challenges to make when they don't agree with a call. I would say this is a great idea because if there are no rules then it can get a little crazy. Football each team has two challenges. All of those work out nicely. The problem I have with it in baseball is what limitations there can be.

I think it would be silly for the referees to challenge balls and strikes, umpires get paid enough to make that kind of call on if a ball is in the strikes zone. I think if instant replay were to be created then it should really only be for if a player is out or not. Especially in situations when the game is on the line, for example when it is the bottom of the 19th inning and the game ends on a really awful call. So, I think two challenges per team on strictly if he is safe or out should apply. And to be quite honest I'm not even sure if that would work. This is a game that people have been playing for ages, and we are human. It is natural to make mistakes, we're not perfect and we don't all have perfect eye sight. I think that this could have a test trial, maybe in spring training to see how everything works. Or just for one season and then go from there. The other consideration I have is maybe just having it for the playoffs but that could be inconsistent for the whole season.

I suppose what I'm getting at is I honestly don't know. I suppose it would be interesting to look further into these matters. Meaning we should ask the players, managers, umpires if they think is a necessary thing. I mean they are the ones most affected by bad calls so I feel like we should get their input more then just the general public. To be honest, it is kind of refreshing not having instant replay and being a Cubs fan and watching those games at Wrigley Field; that is classic baseball. I suppose I wouldn't want to change any of that just like I would hate to see any type of renovations on Wrigley and would hate to see the Cubs actually win a World Series. I guess things might be better if they are just left alone.

With that I give you some nice sports centered side notes.
1. Finally. A nice deep breath out. I don't have to watch professional bowling every Sunday afternoon on ESPN (although I did recently go bowling and I must say I'm quite good). Instead we are all lucky to have America's most popular sport back in football. The players are heading to their respected training camps, free agents are being let go and picked up, and I am sad to say Brad Maynard of the Chicago Bears has been let go. With a day of celebration, it is sad to see the 10 year punter for the Bears to leave.
2. It read in the Chicago Tribune this morning that Michael Phelps forgot his swim trunks at the World Championships. I read this and died of laughter. We joked at work today that he must have been doing you know what and forgot to bring them. I mean honestly, out of all the sports what else do you need to remember as a swimmer? It's not like you're a football or hockey player with pads. I hope he remembers to bring them when he heads to London for the Olympics.
3. Speaking of Olympics, it's one year to the day before the London games begin. Raise your hand if you're excited! I must say I look forward to see London as hosts not to mention all the great games that happen in the summer instead of the winter (let's be honest, swimming and gymnastics are way more exciting then speed skating or ice skating). Cross your fingers for as great of a games as the Beijing games were.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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  1. Fall is coming soon...I am looking forward to some Illini blogging!! Of course it may be a bit like blogging about the Cubs...but at this early date I am looking forward to some "Go Illini" cheers!