Monday, July 18, 2011

And the nominations are...

"I want to thank my parents for somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. Well done, that's what all parents should do!" – Tina Fey

Oh Tina, you are so wise. This quote of course comes from Tina Fey’s acceptance speech at the 60th annual Emmy awards. And I am happy to report she received her fifth nomination for her role as Liz Lemon in 30 Rock while the show also garnered its fifth nomination. Not to mention she also was nominated for best guest actress as host of SNL back in May. The Emmy’s are televisions Oscars (if you didn’t know) and although some people may not pay attention or care about them; I love them. Although that might not meant that much as I love pretty much every awards show. In case you missed the nominations I suggest you check them out here. You should also check out all the coverage has but not before you finish reading my thoughts on the nominations.

What the Emmy’s got right:

So there are several nominations that were given that I am over the moon about. Let us begin with the drama categories. Finally it has happened: Friday Night Lights gets a best drama nod for its fifth and final season. Although I jumped on the bandwagon late (meaning two months ago) I have to say yes! This brilliantly acted and written show has finally gotten the nomination it deserved not to mention Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton both got best actor/actress nods. Cross your fingers for a based off a book, based off the movie, based of the series movie with the original cast coming back. I must say I am also trilled with the number of nominations The Good Wife racked in including best actress, two best supporting actor, two best supporting actress and best drama. All are totally deserved and I’m crossing my fingers for this show to hopefully be the one that tops Mad Men (although I like Mad Men, I’m sick of it winning). Of course I am also happy about Dexter’s and Michael C. Hall’s fourth nomination for best drama (although either have yet to win). Also I want to say congrats to Loretta Devine who plays Adele in Grey’s Anatomy for her guest actress in a drama nod.

Let’s shift gears to the comedy categories. I am so, so, so happy to say that Parks and Recreation is nominated for best comedy and Amy Poehler got a best actress nod for her role as Leslie Knope. This show is one of my favorite comedies and is making a run for my favorite (although unlikely as long as 30 Rock stays on). Parks totally deserves the credit it received and I could not have been happier. I’d also like to give a pat on my back as I predicted in a earlier blog that Laura Linney would be nominated for her The Big C role as Cathy Jamison (I will now predict she will win). I also loved seeing Megan McCarthy (who I know better as Sookie St. James from Gilmore Girls) pick up a nomination, even though I don’t watch her show. Her reaction was priceless; as she read out the nominations, see it here (fast-forward to four minutes or you can watch the whole thing). I also love Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock and Jane Krakowski for 30 Rock not to mention the entire 30 Rock guest acting like Matt Damon, Will Arnet and Elizabeth Banks.

What are they thinking?!

Three years in a row and again I’m disappointed. If it was going to be a year, I for sure thought it was going to be this year. Yet again the Emmy’s are blind to my favorite drama show on television, especially after last season, Fringe. Nothing. Zip. Nada. It got nothing (OK, well one Creative Achievement in Interactive Media, whatever the heck that means). I thought for sure John Noble or Anna Torv would get nominated (considering they played the same characters but two different roles. Actually Anna had four but who’s counting). Anyways also wanna say Nick Offerman who plays Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec got snubbed, he should have been nominated for supporting actor in comedy instead of the four Modern Family people. It also would have been really nice to see Community get some sort of recognition, whether in acting or just the show getting nominated. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

What I look forward to

I have to say I am pretty excited for Jane Lynch to host. She has some big shoes to fill as Jimmy Fallon and Neil Patrick Harris have been the last two hosts and were brilliant. I hope her montage is as funny as last years. I also hope Kate Winslet attends, as she is one of my faves and nominated for her role in Mildred Pierce (the show has like a million nominations). I am really hoping we get some new blood winning this year although I’m pretty sure I can say this with certainty Modern Family will win again. I suppose that’s not too bad, as long as it’s not Glee. With that a few side notes.

1. I would like to present everyone with all of Tina Fey's acceptance speech's she has made at the Emmy's. Watch 30 Rock's first, second and third time winning the best comedy award, Tina winning outstanding writing, and finally Tina winning for impersonating Sarah Palin on SNL for best guest actress (fast-forward this one to 5:40 to see her talk)
2. I would also like to present one of the funniest things that has happened in the Emmy's including Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrel. To understand watch this video and then watch the funnier one here. I just love the second one because Ricky Gervais really doesn't care what people think of him.
3. The last thing I would like to leave you with is some facts about this year's Emmy nominations: They will air September 18 at 7 p.m. it will broadcast on Fox. HBO once again dominates with 104 total nominations, there are 107 categories but of course only the major ones are broadcast, CBS leads the top networks with 50 nominations, the show with the most Emmy wins is Fraiser is 37 and SNL now has the most nominations ever with 142.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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