Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's that time of year... EMMYS!

It's that day of the year folks. It's like my Christmas. The best time of the year if you ask me. All in one week we get to celebrate the winners at the Emmys only to have the rest of the week to enjoy premieres of all the shows we have been so desperately waiting for since May. We have spent our summers watching reruns, binge watching new shows and trying to avoid all that's wrong with summer television.

But no longer. No. It is now time for fall premiere week. But first, the television's Oscars, the Emmys. We get to watch recent Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris try to out do his stint at the Tony's (which won him the Emmy at last weekends Creative Arts Emmy awards). We get to watch Tina and Amy perform together (and announce they'll host the Globes again on national TV?! – Hey a girl can dream). We get to watch old and new winners take the stage for what I think will be a fun and exciting show with a lot of ifs in the air.

So, as to not embarrass myself completely, I'm going to tell you all what I hope will happen today. These are not my predictions of who will win, but the ones I would like to win. That way you can't hold it against me when all these people do not win. Let's get started.

Best Drama: This is incredibly difficult, I call for a five-way tie. Honestly, I want Game of Thrones to win because never have I watched a show that is so unbelievably unpredictable, enthralling and confusing at the same time. However, I have a feeling it may have a better chance come next season with the hyped up 4th (but second half of the third book). So this year, I'm saying Breaking Bad. I got into it this summer, and even though it took forever to get into, it finally grabbed my attention and in the final season episodes hasn't lost it once. It deserves to win.

Best Comedy: Duh. 30 Rock. In its last year of contention I have to pick my true love and cry thinking I will never see Liz Lemon with new sassy comebacks again. But it's not just a want, the last season of 30 Rock was awesome. It had everything a true fan wanted including a lot of laughs. Please, please by the hammer of Thor can Modern Family not win this year? That's all I ask (but it's doubtful to happen).

Best Actor - Drama: Again, I'm going to have to go with my new found love, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. Who knew this comedy actor had so much depth to him. I'm a little late in saying that, but nonetheless, this guy rocks. (Though I wouldn't be angry to see Kevin Spacey win for making another bad character so good.)

Best Actress - Drama: This might be the hardest category (see my last post) but who I really want to win is another binge watching show of late, Scandal's Kerry Washington. Not only would it make history but it's totally deserved. I would be surprised if Claire Danes doesn't snatch it up for the second straight year but I think Washington has a very good chance. Here's crossing my fingers for her. (But really, anyone can win and I'll be a happy camper).

Best Actor - Comedy: As to not pick the obvious choice I want (Alec Baldwin) I'll also put my support toward Louie C.K. Everyone was upset he wasn't nominated last year and everyone said how great his show is (yeah, I don't watch it). However, I am a fan of his and I think he would give a really great acceptance speech (plus I love him as policeman Dave from Parks!)

Best Actress - Comedy: Yeah, I know who you think I'm going to say, but you're wrong. If she can win some writing things and the show can win, I'll be a happy camper, only, ONLY, if Amy Poehler beats Tina for this one. If it isn't Amy, then I want Tina. But the fact Amy has yet to win is just really stupid and needs to change, like right now. So yeah, I'm rooting for Poehler. (But let's all be realistic, I'm pretty 100 percent positive Julia Louis Dreyfess has this one in the bag for the second straight year for Veep).

Best Supporting Actor - Drama: This is another tough one but building off my Breaking Bad high I'm gonna go with Aaron Paul. I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel the other night and this guy is just the most likeable actor I've ever seen, not to mention he is able to realize how lucky he is and displays it. This guy is from Idaho. He already has two Emmys under his belt for his role of Jesse and I'm rooting for a third.

Best Supporting Actress - Drama: For this one I'm going to have to go with the one and only Maggie Smith. Yeah, I know she's won the past couple times and yes I know she is never there to collect her reward, but guys, she's like 80. Give her a break. Honestly, all these women had exceptionally awesome seasons, so I wouldn't be all that mad if Christina Hendricks or Anna Gunn won. You know what, Gunn hasn't won yet, so maybe I'll root for her.

Best Supporting Actor - Comedy: I'm so sick of the Modern Family men being nominated and winning. It's ridiculous. OK, it's not really because I know how funny they are because I watch the show. But this year I'm rooting for Tony Hale in Veep. He is absolutely the reason I have kept watching that show. He has some of the best comedic timing and the tone of voice he uses in certain situations is genus. He's like a smarter Buster, and it's great. For that matter, let's say Bill Hader, too. I just don't want a Modern Family guy to win (I swear I do like this show, but want to see some new blood win). Not to mention, Hader had an awesome sendoff as Stefon that deserves a win.

Best Supporting Actress - Comedy: This one is easy. She hasn't one yet and just for the fact that she sang this song, kept a straight face and actually articulated whatever the lyrics were is just amazing. That's right, my vote is for Jane Krakowski, he last eligiable year for 30 Rock. I'm a big fan of Merritt Wever on Nurse Jackie (she's actually the only funny thing on that show) but gotta give the vote to the Krawkoski's last shot. MUFFIN TOP FOR THE WIN!

All right, that's all I'm predicting, no one cares about the miniseries or made for TV movies anyways. Though, I would like to see Elisabeth Moss win for Top of the Lake because her Australian accent is uncanny and I would like to see her just win an Emmy because I'm not sure if she ever will for her roll as Peggy.
Hit me up if you disagree with any of these or think I should be rooting for anyone else. I'll be live tweeting the Emmys (and by live tweeting I mean writing whatever comes to my head about the Emmys as I watch them in my pajamas on the couch).

Also keep in mind the series finale of Dexter is on Sunday and I will be watching immediately following the Emmys. Also keep in mind the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad is on, which I will be watching directly following the finale of Dexter. Cool, that's a wrap folks, excited to talk to you all on Sunday.

With that, I say... Live long and prosper.

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