Friday, December 2, 2011

One amazing comeback

Ann: What is your ideal man?
Leslie: He has the brains of George Clooney in the body of Joe Biden.
That my friends was the brilliant writing of my favorite comedy on television right now (of course, 30 Rock isn't on right now). Now this line is way better when you get the delivery by the incredible Amy Poehler (who, fun fact I would want to be for a day. The main reason is because then I could be best friends with Tina Fey, but also because she's super funny and on a super funny show). Although, I must say, Parks and Recreation hasn't always been funny. That is why I'm declaring them the comeback kid.

Now, after season 1, this show finally found its rhythm, of course no one noticed, including me. I watched one episode during its first season and I decided, oh this is just another Office-type show. This is still true in my opinion in regards to the first season, because the first five episodes are very much like The Office. But then in the last episode of the first season I feel like the writers finally figured out what they wanted to create. So, here comes season 2, which is very funny and enjoyable to watch. Still, no one was watching and NBC moved the third season to mid-season January 2011. During winter break last year, one of my friends said I should give the show another chance and that I'd really like it.

I watched the first season and was a little bored, but stayed through it because what else am I going to do on winter break. And then I finished two and was wanting more. Then season 3 started and insert hilarious writing, an amazing additions to the cast and ridiculous funny story telling. They had finally hit their stride and people took notice. The show received its first emmy nomination this past fall. The most memorable episode, for me, is that flu episode. This is where Leslie has a big presentation to make but is extremely sick. She does the presentation, which doesn't look like she can do, brilliantly. Now, this episode and for the whole show for that matter would not work without Amy Poehler. Not just because she is the lead, but because she is one of a few actresses who can pull of this character. She's funny, a little annoying but mostly just hilarious. Not to mention, there is something about the way she delivers certain lines that just makes the writing that much better.

The show, however, would also fail if it didn't have its supporting cast of characters. Tom and his amazing one liners (plus treat yo self). Ron and his pyramid of success, not to mention his history with the Tammys. Ann and her relationship with Andy and Chris is priceless. Andy and April's relationship, which is one of the best on television. Ben and his quirky personality, plus you can't help to love him and Leslie together. This show is certainly in its prime and honestly, only getting better. When January hits, 7-8 p.m. Thursday's are going to be the best hour of television because 30 Rock and Parks will be on. I can't wait to see the day when Amy and Tina are on each others shows, but for now I think both are doing pretty darn well for themselves.

With that, some television side notes for you all.
1. So this was shocking but sounds like a really, really cool episode. Check it out if you want to see what Grey's has in store for next second half of this season and it involves bringing back some series regulars, like Kate Walsh (Addison). Here's the link.
2. Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, it looks like the show is in talks to convince Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey to come back for a ninth season. Not sure what's going to happen. Like I said, I kind of want this season to be the last so it can end on a good note. If they can't both of them to come back, I'm not sure the show can carry on (and if they only get Meredith, I don't know if I see her without Derek). Should be interesting nonetheless.
3. It looks like even though Dexter got a two-season pickup that season 8 might be its last. Showtime president said they are planning an end for Dexter and it will start with the remaining three episodes of this season (which just got real, real good).

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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