Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My new career

For all of those who know me, I am on the career path of being a journalist. That dream is over my friends, I have a completely new one after watching the documentary When Harry Left Hogwarts. I want to make documentaries. Not just any kind but documentaries about films. This was the greatest thing I've ever seen because it made me that much sadder about the series ending. The actors, the set, the production crew all of it was incredible. The amount of work it takes to put on a movie, especially a movie like Harry Potter, even more so THE last Harry Potter was incredible to watch. I still can't believe it is finally all over but it made me decide I'm going into to the business of making movies.

I don't care what I do, the documentary actually made me want to do anything. I could start with a person who holds the umbrella for the actors on set, someone who gets them food or maybe an assistants director keep the schedule organized, or maybe even an assistants assistant. Basically if I could just be on a movie set I'd do the crap job just to be on the set of the movie. Can you imagine being on a set. I mean I of course have always wanted to do that, especially after watching the special features of the Lord of the Rings films, but all of the sudden I want to just drop out of school and move out to LA.

This of course is impractical, my parents would kill me. Maybe I can blame it on the fact that I am scared of the future and don't want to think about growing up. But mixing in the film Hugo and this documentary and then all the special features I watched of the last two Harry Potter films in the last two days made me just want to help make movies. They are simply one of the most fantastic things in the world. Of course it also made me want to write a brilliant, world renowned book, but that seems a little more unrealistic.

I suppose what I'm saying is even the person who has to hold the umbrella has a cool job. Films are so magical though. While watching the special features you see all the flaws, the green screen, the wired attached to objects or people and the CIG. Nonetheless a set has this movie power. Can you imagine being on a set of a bad movie and all it takes to create it. Just watching the Harry Potter things was unbelievable, of course this is a large scale movie, but still all the things they have to do is crazy. Getting the actors organized, getting the extras organized, making sure everyone knows what is going on, the stunt men, the production team. How difficult it must be do that. But then I think, they are all working toward the same cause, to create a fantastic movie. I wonder what it was like filming a movie like... gosh I can't even think of an awful movie right now. How about New Years Eve, think about all those stuck up actors and all the schedules to deal with, and not even for a good product. I wonder what those people were thinking, "we're making an awful movie but at least I'm getting paid a lot."

That was not the case I found while watching the Harry Potter documentary. Every single person seemed to care about what was actually going on and the work that it required. That is what makes a good film. That is what I now (and I think always have) want to be apart of so badly. I feel like anyone would love to do that. If only I was talented in acting, directing, producing, art, makeup, special effects. Man it would be so cool to be on the set of a movie. Of course, that is not the career path I am on, but oh, how I wish it was.

Here are some lovely movie side notes.
1. MI-4 is one of many films on my list to see and it isn't even going to be up for an Oscar (well maybe technical stuff). However, it won the Box Office this big Christmas weekend and is certainly on my list of must sees this break. Not to mention it has received great reviews from critics.
2. Well these photos got me excited for the new Spider-Man film. Not just because Emma Stone (wow, almost wrote Emma Watson, clearly Harry Potter is still on my mind) is in it but because I think it has a lot of promise. It is one of my most anticipated film of 2012.
3. I watched the Kennedy Center Honors Tuesday night and finally Meryl Streep was honored for her incredible career in films. Can you believe 16 Oscar nominations? How crazy is that. And it is sure to be 17 this season with her role in Iron Lady, and possibly her third win (she won Best Actress for Sophie's Choice and Supporting Actress in Kramer vs. Kramer). She was the most entertaining part of the program and a truly classy lady.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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