Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Recap of the weeks that were

Hello my friends! I apologize, it has been sometime since we last talked. I'm trying to think of a witty excuse, but alas, nothing has come to mind. I would like to talk this opportunity, however, to catch up on all things movies, sports and television. There is no doubt I have been slacking lately, so I would like to redeem myself with a little break down of the thoughts of what has happened in the last few weeks in this very blog. Here goes:

I have seen all but one film nominated for Best Picture and that is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close. I am still debating whether I want to see it, but I am considering it just so I can say I saw all nine. That means I watched Tree of Life, which to say the least, was an interesting film. I also saw Ides of March since we last talked and I must say it was a little unsatisfying but surely exhilarating. I still have not decided if I like it being up for Adapted Screenplay.

As far as the SAG Awards are concerned, I had a ball watching them and was super surprised when George Clooney did not win. The Best Actor and Best Actress race is easily the most fun this season, still can't decide who to pick on my ballot. We only have about 17 days until the big day, so get excited! There was no surprise for me when The Help won Best Ensemble but I don't think it will help its Oscar chances. I am still convinced it is between The Artist, The Descendants and Hugo. But don't blame me if I'm wrong and you lose in your Oscar pool.

How about that Superbowl, huh?! It was a pretty fun game to watch, with relatively entertaining commercials (this was my favorite) and an exciting halftime show for a woman who is like 53 (fun fact, we have the same birthday). Personally, I was pretty happy to see the Giants win as they are my team when I play Madden. Not to mention I like Eli Manning and pretty much despise Tom Brady, even though he is a pretty darn good player. Now that the football season is over, I'm very excited to see where the college basketball season goes in the coming weeks but also the start of Spring Training in about a month. Unfortunately since I cover the Illinois men's basketball team, I can't blog about their season or college bball in general. So, with me not loving the NBA or NHL until playoff season, it might seem like the sports area of my life is a little low. I do look forward to the upcoming slams for tennis and the start of the golf season though.

So much to talk about in the TV department with so many new shows watched and so many others completed. A quick break down for you on some of happenings in my life: Downton Abbey is incredibly fun to watch as I am caught up on the second season, I finally watched all four seasons of Mad Men and am surprisingly excited for March 25 when it returns (took me a while to get into it), 30 Rock is back and better than ever (makes my Thursday's just that much better) and finally I somehow decided to pick up another show in Smash and was pleasantly surprised with the Pilot episode and plan to keep watching, for the rest of this season anyway.

A brief run down of the shows I already watch: Loving my Grey's and thought the alternate reality episode was really fun and oddly ironic, HIMYM is even more frustrating and just waiting for something exciting to happen, Parks is again one of my favorite shows on TV and loving it even more with each episode Leslie Knope 2012!, Once Upon A Time has kept me interested which is surprising and I am excited every week for it, Good Wife continually proves why it is one of the best drama's on television, Revenge is rocking it and I am sad every Wednesday when it is not new and finally Fringe is actually a little disappointing and needs to pick up a little in speed. For those shows I didn't talk about (Glee, New Girl) I don't care for that much, but continue to watch for some reason. There is no doubt I miss Dexter and Homeland after the winter break and considering getting into Game of Thrones, because that is exactly what I need right now, another TV show.

Now that I have bored you with all of this catching up, I plan to write a nice exciting blog tomorrow about a top secret subject. Uh oh, yeah I just made that up and now have to think of a top secret subject. Give me the night and I'll brainstorm something brilliant. In the mean time, take your time and read these nice random side notes.
1. A new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man came out today and I have to say I am super, excited. Like way more than I thought and I already knew Emma Stone was in it. With that being said, I still have my doubts and am very curious to see the response it will get. Although, it kind of automatically wins for me because Emma Stone is in it.
2. So, I didn't talk about this when I mentioned the SAG awards, but how awesome was it when Tina Fey drank from Steve Buscemi's wine glass after he won? Wait, what?! You mean you didn't see it. First watch this video, where the cast of Bridesmaids makes a great new drinking game. Then watch this video where Tina Fey is very loyal and follows the rules of that game.
3. Food for thought, isn't it crazy to think that 111.3 million people watched the Superbowl on Sunday? That is the most watched TV program of all-time. That means, at like the same time, I could be watching the same exact thing as like, Tina Fey. Or Barack Obama. Or of every other professional athlete in the nation. Kind of cool. Being on Twitter makes you think like that as I watched Seth Meyers continually talk about Madonna's halftime show. Quite entertaining.

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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  1. 1. I thought we were getting an epic blog the day after this blog was written?
    2. I haven't heard your thoughts on the Oscars
    3. I miss your blogs

    Just wanted to send some love! Miss you little cousin!!