Tuesday, January 17, 2012

They're all just like us

Why do I love people in Hollywood? They make an obscene amount of money, they have an unnecessary amount of stuff (clothes, cars, houses) and they get to act like someone else for the enjoyment of other people (plus half of the aren't even that talented). But, it is moments like when Meryl Streep wins her eighth Golden Globe and she says a swear word on live television because she forgot her glasses. It is when George Clooney walks on stage with a cane to mock his good friend Brad Pitt. Or it is times when the Hollywood Foreign Press gets it right and awards a low paid actress like Octavia Spencer, who totally deserves the win while her best friend Melissa McCarthy stands up and begins to cry as her friend accepts the award. It is moments like those at this year's Golden Globes that make me think, movie and television stars are not much different than us "normal" people. They forget things and swear, they have fun by making fun of their friends and they cry when something truly wonderful has happened their friends.

The 2012 Golden Globes were as enjoyable as like many others in the past, while making me laugh at moments like when Tina Fey creeps behind Amy Poehler as her name is read out (just like I do in so many of my friends photos). Or like when Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson puts a funny sign saying "whatever" behind his nominated coworker Eric Stonestreet while his name is being called because he was not nominated. That is what makes the Globes so much fun, because as magnificent as the Oscars are, it is still a more serious show. Of course there are funny moments (for some reason Ben Stiller coming out all "Avatar-ed" out in blue makeup comes to mind, or the opening of Hugh Jackman's hosting gig), but the Globes are a different bred. You get to see the actors actually interact that makes it just so fun to watch.

Although, I have to say there was some strange winners given out last night that I, personally, do not think will translate when the Academy Awards roll around on February 26. The main one is The Descendants winning best picture Sunday night. I will say it here, right now, I highly doubt it will win the Oscar for that same award. There is no doubt George Clooney deserved his best actor Globe for that movie but I'm not convinced the movie itself should win. I was very, very surprised it won (we'll see how it does throughout the other awards before the Oscars).

Another major category I was surprised about was Meryl Streep winning for best actress. As much as I love her and know she is a brilliant actress, I truly think the Oscar will go to Viola Davis (or the other three fantastic actresses that are going to be nominated because it is such a tough category. Nominations come out a week from this Tuesday). I'm not sure what it is about the Hollywood Foreign Press and Meryl, but they sure do love her. If you could tell when she won, she didn't think she should get it (although she tends to do this all the time lately). My favorite part of her speech last night was not her swearing, as much fun as that was but instead was at the end when she said "And I love you Viola, you're my girl." I took that line as, "Viola I'm so sorry I won, you totally deserve this award more than I do." Now I am not one to say who should have one, since I have not seen the Iron Lady yet but many people were projected Davis to win, as did I. Now, depending on how the SAG awards go next week, I'll let you know who I think will win the Oscar, but I'm not convinced it should be Meryl yet. It should be a fun next couple weeks though.

As far as the television side of the awards goes, all I can say is YAY! for Homeland. I was ecstatic when the show won, not to mention when Claire Danes won best actress for her role in the Showtime drama (it was tied for my favorite new show of 2011, along with Revenge). No surprise about Modern Family, but really surprised with Laura Dern winning best actress comedy (personally I was rooting for Amy Poehler, but I of course would have taken Tina as well). I was also surprised about Matt LeBlanc and Kelsey Grammar, although I do hear both of those awards were pretty deserving since I don't watch either show. What I found interesting though, is most of the shows that won Sunday night were all on cable or premium cable. Modern Family was the only victor out of the network channels, which is really shocking. The Globes always seemed to favor the new, successful shows from the past fall. The 2012 Emmy show should be a real good one this year then.

Overall, I have to say I had a lot of fun watching the show, although I always do. Take note, I also won my family pool for our ballots, something that should of happened considering I have seen the most movies and shows of all four of them combined. The coolest thing though, is I heard that Octavia Spencer was the one to organize her ballots between her friends last year. You know what that means? I have something in common with a Golden Globe winner. See, we are all "normal" people.

Now I'm going to give you three side notes of my favorite dresses of the evening (Note: I'm kind of biased and actually know nothing about fashion).
3. My third best dressed probably has to be Claire Danes, who wore this classy dress with an awesome back. I couldn't find a picture that shows the back but the front is pretty cool too. Pic here.
2. My second best dressed has to go to Emma Stone, who wore this really different dress that sports two different colors. I think they also go pretty well with her color hair and it was certainly pretty different from the other dresses I saw. Pic here.
1. Can you guess who my No. 1 person is? Yeah, I figured you couldn't. It's Tina of course! She went totally what I thought she was going to wear and looks super good in this tighter fit dress, with a fancy bottom. Usually she doesn't do the fancy bottom, but i personally think she can pull it off. Way to go Tina who looks amazing after about only six months of having her second child. Pic here (although I don't think this picture shows it off that much, but still awesome).

With that I say... Live long and prosper.

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